Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knitter's Delight!

Those of us in the Washington metropolitan area are experiencing a knitter's delight! The Blizzard of 2010, affectionately known as "Snowpocalypse", has altered our normal course of life and given us lots of down time. This always means more time to least for me.

Okay so I still have laundry to do and three snowed-in children. My husband is feeling "snow fatigued" and I'm cooking around the clock. But when did that ever matter???!!! I'm taking complete advantage of the situation and I invite snowed-in knitters worldwide to join me.

Dig through your stash. Find that pattern - you know, the one that you've been meaning to start. And cast on.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alive On The Inside

What appears dead on the outside may really be alive and growing on the inside. There, I've said it. I've made my point in the very first sentence.

The other day I noticed that one of the stalks in my Lucky Bamboo arrangement was dead. It was yellow with black spots and it was dried out. Gone were the
firm leaves and the vibrant green color. Or so I thought.

As I went to throw it out I noticed something quite peculiar. The very top was bright green and two new leaves were sprouting from it, firm leaves. Even the roots contained new sprouts.

I stepped back and thought - Should I keep it or get rid of it? I was in a quandary.
Relationships, opportunities, dreams, and endeavors came to mind. How many things have I given up on and discarded because they appeared dead on the outside or felt dry to the touch?

How many have you?

In case you were wondering, I chose to keep the ugly stalk. And it's still alive...on the inside.

Until next time...