Friday, September 24, 2010

The Crutch Dynamic

I've spent the past few weeks getting around on crutches. And now that I'm down to one I've noticed something. A crutch is a double-edged sword. It is useful for providing support but it can also create a dependency that prolongs the healing process.

My knee is getting stronger every day. However I sometimes lean on the crutch instead of allowing my leg to bear the weight that it is capable of bearing. I must consciously remind myself to "stand on my own".

While it is necessary for my mobility, leaning all the time is not comfortable. The crutch was not intended to be permanent.
Honestly, it's creating a new set of discomforts like the pain in my wrist, hand, and shoulder. I also realize how much my other leg has been over compensating for the injury.

In therapy I was given a set of exercises that are difficult and painful. And I'm required to do them every day. I was told that they important not just for rebuilding strength. They are necessary for reprogramming those movements and coordinates into my brain because I haven't done them in such a long time.

I have to admit, I'm struggling. There's a balance between allowing my body to heal properly and being sick and tired of the pain, inconvenience, and the crutch. I've been assured that if I do my exercises as instructed and allow myself the time, my knee will be as good as new.

Aaaaaah, now I understand the reference to something or someone being a "crutch". Initially it serves an important purpose but over time it impedes progress towards strength and self-sufficiency. When relied upon too much one never learns to handle the situation on his own. The crutch is always right there by his side.

If this resonates with you, join me. "Work-out" your situation and wean yourself off of the crutch.

Until next time...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks Cici!

A big thank you goes out to my knitting sister for nominating me and this blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. With a silly and cheesy grin, I gladly accept.

In order to accept this Award:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things not known about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to another fantastic blogger.
4. Contact the blogger/s you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

Here goes...

Thing 1: I recently stopped eating highly processed foods (more than 5 ingredients), purchased a VitaMix, and have become a "green smoothie-aholic".

Thing 2: Over a year ago at an evening Sit-n-Stitch Cici talked about being a monogamous knitter and I've been one ever since, working on only one project at a time.

Thing 3: I love snacks that are both salty and sweet: kettle popcorn, pure cocoa with almonds, or dark chocolate-covered pretzels.

Thing 4: My husband truly is my very best friend. Ashamedly, I've only recently to realized it. Surprisingly, it's made me a better wife.

Thing 5: I have a small garden in my yard where I grow fresh herbs and a few vegetables. Yes, my father's southern genes have surfaced.

Thing 6: I listen to audio books while I'm in my kitchen cooking and doing the dishes. You should try it. It has turned what used to be a chore into "me" time.

Thing 7: I used to wish I could sing. I don't anymore. I relish in the gifts that I've been given.

I nominate a friend from college, Tia. We haven't seen one another since we graduated and I'm not even sure if she knows that I follow her blog. I guess she will now. Hey Tia!

Until next time...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heal & Rebuild

Last October I pushed too quickly up a steep incline headed towards the finish line at the Marine Corp. 10k run. My previous experiences with the Marine Corp. Marathon a few years prior taught me that that wasn't a good idea. I blamed adrenaline. My knee blamed me.

Fast forward to this March on the ski slopes. The accusing knee let me know who was really in charge when I fell, aggravating the original injury. After constant pain, trips to the doctor, several weeks of physical therapy, and a cortisone shot, I learned that I would need surgery. Yaaaay! The problem was finally going to be fixed.

It is now one week post-op and I realize that I'm not going to be "shredding" anything with Jillian Michaels for quite a while (Are you familiar with her 30 Day Shred dvd?). Yes, the problem has been resolved. But now I must heal and rebuild. These are the words that came to me when I received a text asking how I was doing.

See, I saw myself at the end of the process without taking into account the process itself. But now that the problem has been resolved, cuts on the inside and incisions on the outside all must heal. Only then can I begin to stretch what has become tight, increase my range of motion, and strengthen muscles that haven't been used in almost a year. If I do it right, I'll be as good as new. If I don't, I'll never be the same again.

So it is with the hurts, tears, and breaks that life brings. They too need time to heal. And only then can rebuilding take place. If done right, restoration occurs. If not, the damage remains and infects other aspects of life.

Healing requires time, stillness, acknowledging the pain, and looking forward to the other side. It is the progression that occurs naturally and it's always best when we yield to it. Rebuilding is a bit different. It requires work and determination. It is often dreaded and painful. Yet it is necessary.

Torn knee? Or broken relationship? Either way, allow it to heal and rebuild. I believe you'll be glad you did.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Casting On

Disclaimer: This posting is likely to bore the non-knitter.

I was excited to be able to cast on a new project the other day. To me casting on is like springtime. There's newness and excitement mixed with a bit of anticipation.

I wondered, "How do other knitters feel when they cast-on?"

So I decided to send out this inquiry in humble hopes of getting a reply. If you are so inclined, please finish the sentence below.

Casting on is like...

Until next time...