Wednesday, December 23, 2009


As I stepped out of my door I was greeted by my oldest son. "Sssshh, we're gonna get Dad," were the hushed words he spoke to me as he held a gloved hand to his lips. A cursory look revealed my three children stockpiling snowballs.

Out comes my husband moments later and you guessed it - he was pummeled. I sat in the car and waited as the battle escalated. Soon, I was joined by the first casualty. My youngest son had managed to lose both boot and sock in 20+ inches of snow. Next, my husband made his way to the car and jumped in. "Thud, thud," went the two snowballs that followed him. We looked at one another and exchanged that "this is the life" look. A slight grin parted his lips as he inhaled and headed back to war.

It's hard being married in 2009. And it's even harder being married with children. Family and relationships are the greatest gifts we have. When life brings snow battles your way, relish them.

Until next time...

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