Thursday, December 24, 2009

Promises Promises

A promise...


That's really the heart of Christmas, isn't it? God made a people that He loved.
He promised a Savior. And He went through whatever was necessary to deliver on that promise. He didn't change His mind or get a better offer or wait for just the right time or forget. He said what He would do and He did what He said. And as a result, He changed the world.

Fast-forward... Thursday, December 24, 2009.

You and I - we're not God. But we do make promises. More than we know. The question is do we keep them? Some are big, like marriage vows. Others are so small that they get lost in mid-air. "Ok, honey, I'll be off the computer in one minute." Either way, a promise is a promise. And a promise kept can change the world.

This Christmas, set your heart on being a world-changer.

Until next time...

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Beate said...

I already am a world-changer!! I save on water, electrisity, I bike instead of driving a car and I do my little bit everyday to make sure I can make my kids think like me. I also learned that some promises may be broken, if one break them decent and proper ( as marriage ) and they make all happier than earlier.
Also I learned that little steps may succed more successfully rather than big promises and statements.
Good luck on your (little ) promises and a happy new year :-)