Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Lesson Learned While Knitting: More Than A Ball of Yarn

This Christmas I received a ball winder from one of my very close knitting friends. When I pulled it out to use for the very first time, I was immediately joined by my daughter. What started as the mundane task of winding yarn turned into precious moments that are forever etched in my heart.

"Wait Mom, I want to wind my yarn," were her words as she ran for her knitting bag. And wind her yarn we did...for an our pj's...while watching the Cosby Show. We worked together unraveling, untangling, and winding. We shared, we laughed, and we celebrated every cake-shaped ball of yarn as if it were a masterpiece.

To us, it was.

As a mother, I quickly recognized the sweetness of the hour and I embraced it. Soon, winding yarn with her mother will be the farthest thing from my daughter's mind. With this revelation, I looked at my little plastic ball winder and was grateful for the gift. While it was given for one intention, I received so much more.

The next time you are toiling over WIPs that happen to be for other people: a baby blanket, hat, or pair of fingerless gloves, be encouraged and reminded that it may touch in ways you never imagined.

Thank you, Thella!

Until next time...


cici said...

what a heartfelt anbd touching story♥

Celeste Owens said...

What a great story. I am home with both my children and loving every minute (well just about, LOL). However, it's those moments enjoying each other's company that end up being most special. Thanks for the reminder.